Sunday, November 21, 2010

Relaxing Saturday

Both Nicole and I had a crazy week. While Nicole stayed at home working on an essay, I ventured out for a few hours. After fishing for an hour with no luck and a lost lure, I packed up the pole and took a drive. While looking for the perfect Christmas tree, I stumbled upon the following....
Who knows how long this farm house has been there. I love this shot, the cows were pretty interested in what I was doing. I felt bad for the one loner off to the left.....
This was a shot through the cracks of a boarded up window of the barn next door.
This Hewitt Cat Skidder was a beast
 Random White Rose sign in Waltham
 Harvest That Corn....... 
 Sneak Peak of the lights that have been put up
Finally, Nicole made us a lovely batch of buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. We got a good thing going here.

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