Friday, December 17, 2010

Homeward Bound

Finished my last exam at 10 and headed home to spend the rest of the day with Nicole.
Nicole has an exam tomorrow morning and then it is homeward bound for us. I am excited to be home for 3 weeks but also anxious already to get back to school.
Almost ready for some serious river hockey...
We had to go out and buy some more suet for the birds. I don't know what it was but today we had over 10 different species visit the feeder. Of course I couldn't get this close to all of them
Female Downy Woodpecker
Then she me
Of course we had to get our last poutine in before the break. Colborne's is the best on the Ontario side, recently re opened after a fire not long ago.
 Can't pass up a trip to Brums for a scoop. Grabbed four 2L eggnogs for the holidays as well
Packed and ready

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