Monday, December 6, 2010

Over the weekend

Nicole and I had a great weekend. Didn't really do much. Nicole had a test on Saturday and I studied all of Sunday for the upcoming week's tests. On Saturday afternoon we felled a lovely White Spruce as our Christmas tree. Luckily I wasn't shot within the 10 seconds it took to get the tree cut and into the trunk. The tree is up and everything is looking real Christmassy.
Hasn't been all that cold latley. Glad to see a little snow on the ground though

Went over to the John Deere, Nortrax Dealer on Saturday while Nicole was writing a test. Here are a few shots of the wheeled and tracked feller buchers they had out front.
Holding my trophy White Spruce
Nicole stringing the lights
A Manswich
The french is rubbing off on us, had to get a ice cream yule log
Lait de Poule

My location for the majority of Sunday where I watched blue jays attack the suet feeder

our MODULAR home

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