Sunday, December 12, 2010

A week until the holidays

So its a week before we head home to spend the holidays with our lovely families. Were both excited for a break as it will be nice to just do nothing for 3 weeks. Anyways here is whats going on around here.
Firs For Sale
Yet Another Poutine, this one from Chez Jen. Up there with one of the best. The Quebecers do make it better.
Not a Separitist yet
Staring me down through the barbed wire
Beast 450b Timberjack
I was pretty excited when I came across this landing, wishing I could rip that thing down the trail and skid out a few logs

A field near Balsam
After coming home from taking a few pictures, Nicole had made us an amazing lunch. She is pretty great
Finally getting some snow

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