Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holidays Part 2 - Kitchener

After being in Lindsay for a week, I headed home. It was a great 2 weeks with my family. I did a lot of relaxing and sleeping in. Over the course of the two weeks I visited many of my favorite places including a walk with my Mom in the Langdon bush, a trip to Brantford for footlongs with my Dad and even had an altercation at a little local store with Jason ahahaha. Oh I better not forget a trip to Freelton to Dr. Tiques! Here are a few pics from the weeks at home.
Look at that bird
My new Stormy Kromer that Nicole gave me for Christmas
Took a trip to the Iron Spike Brewery in St. Thomas with Nicole, Brandon and Trevor.
Good Ol Murphy
 My Steam Whistle sign. Enjoyed several of their fine beverages over the Holidays!
I even built a bird feeder.

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