Friday, November 18, 2011

Its been awhile

About 3 months have gone by and a lot has changed since graduating as a Forestry Technician. Shortly after graduating and moving to Woodview for a logging job, I took a contract in Northern Quebec about 80km south of Radisson, doing gold exploration soil sampling. It was a great month in the bush.
Since being back in Woodview, Nicole and I haven't been up to much, a lot of doing nothing, school work and studying (by Nicole), some canoeing and thats about it. Here are some photos of the last couple months.

The Matagami Hotel where we stayed for the night before heading out on a 600km drive up The James Bay Highway
There is only stop at Kilometer 381-Gas Up 
The Cafeteria that had a surprisingly good poutine
Just meters from the pumps was a fairly fresh burn area
The Cessna Caravan that flew us to camp
Peat bogs and Muskegs
Amazing shoreline
Camp from the air
Camp from the ground
Labrador Tea
Amazing taste
    The daily view
The nightly view over the lake
Taking geologists for a flight of the area
The stove that was beside my bed-Too warm

Daily- Two slices of bologna, cheese and mustard
One of dozens of beautiful lakes
Nicole and I decided to make some pickled beets this week
beet blood
Future cherry bench
Hydro Rigs
Chilly Canoe
Late fall at its finest

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