Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Baking

Well it's five days until Christmas, and the cookies are flying out of the oven. Nicole has been baking up a storm with some help from me. Here are the goods...
Recipes on Request

Pfeffernusse: A traditional German cookie that I have enjoyed since I can remember.
Chewy Molasses Spice: Made for the first time last year, these are a keeper.

Raindeer Antlers: Chocolate, Chow Mein, Peanuts

Peppermint Bark: Originally peeled from the peppermint tree native to the North Pole.

Stollen: Another classic Christmas German tradtion tried for the first time this year.


Chris Adamiak said...

Dude...Pfeffernusse..Come on! I eat those like freaking Vitamins man! Very Nice, We just made fruit cake from 70 year old recipe, Insane! $60 worth of dried fruit in one batch!

Vanessa said...

Stollen, just finished two loaves...need to unbutton my pants! Nice one

Brian Marshall said...

Mighty good, isn't it!