Friday, December 16, 2011

Herb Shaw & Sons Ltd. Part 1 - Mill

I was digging through some older photos from early 2011 and stumbled upon these, thought I should share. Since 1847 Shaw's has created a flourishing history in the Ottawa Valley. Producing top quality pine lumber and utility poles, they remain an innovator and leader in the forest industry. Now on their 5th generation of family members leading the way, Shaw strives to minimize their footprint and maintains focus on sustainability through harvesting. These photos guide you through the processing of logs to lumber at Shaw's saw mill.
Logs from the pile are placed on the deck- One at a time logs roll down the deck and onto a conveyor that takes them to the debarker. 

 Run by an operator in this booth, the debarker removes bark by adjusting to different log diameters. It usually runs 4 days a week and can see 35,000 to 40,000 board feet within that time period.
 Bark is recycled and utilized for mulches and a variety of other products. Nothing is wasted.
After being conveyed through a metal detector and into the saw house, logs are drooped onto rollers, harnessed to the carriage then pulled through the head saw.
The sawyer judges the lengths of cuts pertaining to each log and is done from a booth directly in front of the head saw.
Head saw blades are sharped twice a day on rotation. Sharpening takes about 2 hours per blade.
 Cut lengths of lumber are then edged and trimmed.
 The waste from cutting is dropped down to a conveyer and carried  to the chipper. The waste material is used for hog fuels. 
Transport of hog fuels
 Once edging and trimming is complete, each piece is tallied and sent outside for sorting.


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