Monday, January 9, 2012

Filling a Void

While living in Chapeau Quebec, it was pretty easy to go out and sample the finest poutine I believe the country has to offer. With 15 Fry trucks in a 50km radius you never had to worry about finding a reliable poutine. Its been about 4 months since Nicole and I have visited Chez Jen, Colbornes, Pj's Golden Frys, Piquante Patate, Trimmers, Frenchie's, The Jolly Fryer just to name the best. Being disapointed with the now local selection; sometimes you just gotta make your own.
The key is a good sauce or thin gravy
 Good potatos
A fresh curd- St.Albert Curds, if you can get them (these are Empire curds)  


davep said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm just about to go to bed and I know what I'll be dreaming of now... glorious poutine. I wish we could get the curds and sauce over here.

Brian said...

I had a bus layover in Montreal en route back to NYC from Nepean and I had a friend working in a restaurant there come meet the bus and bring the poutine. Now if I can only get her to bring me tourtiere next time...

Brian Marshall said...

A bus layover is always a perfect time to sit down with a good ole poutine-Hope it was great! Now youve got me thinking about tourtiere. Hope you have a safe trip back Brian.

Sweet Poutine Dreams Dave!