Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Weekend

Had an all around great weekend with my Mom and Dad who came up Friday night to spend a couple days. Here are a few quick pictures from the weekend while driving around and a walk at the Warsaw Caves.
My Dad as always supporting The Hawks.
It's Wintertime and the weather's fine...
 Cedar at Warsaw Caves
John Deere 440?
 Snowflake Ash
Bean in her Boots
Nicole makes the greatest cupcakes in the woooorrrrld


tim said...

Isn't it great having a wife/girlfriend who likes to bake. My wife makes some killer cakes and cookies. She won me over one valentine's day with some cupcakes and homemade butter cream frosting. I always joke with her that she's trying to fatten me up for the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

I feel that I was Shunned again this past weekend. My Son would not make good on a Bet as well as being shunned on the Skittles..........

Would have been nice to have me pictured from behind in my Gunzo's hat and Blackhawk trainers jacket

Brian Marshall said...

It is pretty damn great Tim!