Monday, January 16, 2012

Herb Shaw & Sons Ltd. Part 2 - Pole Yard

A few weeks ago I did a post on Herb Shaw & Sons saw mill. Although known for their top quality pine lumber, The Shaw's are world renowned for their red pine utility poles. They produce over 45,000 poles per year ranging in heights from 23-80 feet in length. Their poles are used all over Canada and The United States predominately by electrical and telecommunication companies. 
Here is a look at their pole yard operation.

 Poles are stacked in piles and await grade and size sorting 

 A loader lays poles out on timbers. 6 feet from the butt of the of the pole is measured to determine straightness, the poles is cut if needed. Poles are then moved to await peeling 
 The Poles are then fed through this Morbark Debarker. The log is peeled, rollers then take it to the finishing area.

 The peeled poles are then honed and and cleaned up. Grading of circumference and pole length determine the class. The pole's butt is then stamped with grade and Shaw name.
 Waste is conveyed from the debarker and utilized
 Poles are then transported from the finishing area to piles in the yard. Depending on its use, the poles are then sent to be CCA pressure treated at another facility.

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