Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classic Ads

I am a big fan of old ads, especially when they are forestry or logging related. Here are a few I have saved over the last couple weeks.
 America the Provider Lumber National City Bank of New York, 1948
 Autocar Trucks, 1945
 Harvesting America's Heaviest Crop - White Trucks, 1942 
 Tough Job  . . .  Tough Truck - International Harvester, 1946
Bower Roller Bearings, 1954 
1958 International A100 in Sunshine Yellow and Driftwood Grey
1959 International Harvester tandem axle tractor

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Chris Adamiak said...

Hey Dude, I saw this a week ago while looking for some block printing letters, perhaps you might be interested? price is right.