Friday, February 3, 2012

Forestry History - Great Southern Lumber Company

This silent film was produced by The Great Southern Lumber Company somewhere between 1910 and 1938 from what I understand. It gives a great look into early forest management, reforestation practices, sustainability and forest research. The Great Southern Lumber Company were pioneers in reforestation and nursery practises within the forestry industry in North America. 
Here is a brief history that I found online at 
"The Great Southern Lumber Company was chartered in Pennsylvania on January 17, 1902. Between 1902 and 1905, the owners purchased vast areas of long-leaf virgin pine timber in Louisiana. In 1906, the Goodyear Family, who were the principal owners, erected a sawmill on the Bogue Lusa Creek in Washington Parish, and began the town of Bogalusa. From these beginnings grew the Great Southern Lumber Company, the largest sawmill in the world from its opening in 1908, until 1938, when it ceased operation. It was also the largest mill sawing yellow pine during its existence.  As the Heart Pine resources dwindled, millions of California Redwood trees were railed to this mill to be sawn." 

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