Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forestry History - Treasure of the Forest

This National Film Board of Canada segment is a great look into the forestry industry in the late 50's on the West Coast of Canada. It takes you through the process of allocating timber, remote imagery, cruising, logging and the processes of logs to lumber and paper products. This is a must watch.

How the NFB described it:
"From the Canada Carries On series, this archival film is about the industries that draw their wealth from the raw material supplied by Canada's forests. Filmed in the rain forests of the British Columbia coast, it shows how giant conifers are felled, transported by water routes to sawmills and cut into lumber or reduced to Canada's greatest single export, newsprint. Realization of the need for conservation has led to an extensive program of aerial stocktaking and a system of planned cutting and reforestation."

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