Monday, February 6, 2012

Out & About - Super Bowl Weekend

Nicole and I had a great weekend. We took a drive to Peterborough to finally check out the market, and compared to what we are use to in Kitchener it was kind of a disappointment. Driving back through Lakefield we stopped to check out the ice carvers and the polar festivities of Polarfest. We had a leisurely Sunday, watched the game, beer, food and that's about it.
Pictures from the last few days.
Hillbilly Deluxe
Freymond Lumber outside Bancroft
Red Maple - Rorschach Heartwood Test
Coe Hill Fairgrounds 
Right next to Burleigh Falls
 Older Mack Hauling Firewood
 Ice carving at Polarfest in down town Lakefield.

Lakefield's Outdoor Speed Skating Oval will be the future home of the Ontario Speed Skating Oval.
 Back go the empties. 
 For Jay

Nice Ash


Chris Adamiak said...

Nice, I was at a similar even in Coburg, Ice carvings, skating etc, same deal , did you see my Grandma, shes been a long time Lakefield resident. She lives at the bend going into Lakefield on Hwy 28. There used to be a beautiful Caboose at Maples Corner back in the day.

randall said...

First of all. I love that love sick lake park picture. It almost doesn't look real but like some vinyl overlay on the picture.

Second of all. Every time I see that steamwhistle packaging, I want to drive to the great white north and pick up a case or two.

Brian Marshall said...

I may have seen your Grandma haha.Lakefield is a nice little town, I am about half hour from there.

Brian Marshall said...

It's worth the drive to get case or two. Where you from Randall?

randall said...

New York. Near Manhattan, sadly not near Buffalo or any other Northern NY border crossing. Not too far, but just far enough away so it's not a quick trip.