Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Packing

 It's spring time and for a forest technician like myself that means it's back to work. I recently landed a contract with a great company in Pembroke so I guess its packing time. Nicole and I took a drive up to Pembroke on Saturday to check out some places to rent. With an unexpected call from an acquaintance on the way, and a deal we couldn't turn down, it looks like we will be moving back to the I'sle-aux -allumettes. It feels right moving back to Quebec, with cheaper beer, poutine done right and did I mention cheap beer? 
Passed by this old Clark heading back, just before Bancroft.
Can't go wrong with a Tigercat
The new place - You have no idea how glad we are to be moving back into a house by ourselves.
 Can't eatem like I use to.
If your ever passing by Killaloe, make sure you stop by Afelskie Shoes. 
Saw this sign 
Falls in Killaloe


Chris Adamiak said...

Awesome Dude, Wish you both a fantastic year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Cool . For those of us mono lingual , what town wad that . ?