Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple Boot Care

Boots these days are pricey and no matter what you're wearing, its important to take care of them to insure a lengthy life. Here is what works for me as far as taking care of my boot investments.
What you will need
2-Some type of brush
3.Old sock
4-A natural leather preservative - Obenauf's is the best out there - most boot brands offer a version of it or simply have it packaged with their brands logo. Basically what you are looking for is a beeswax/propolis formula. 
5-A beer because most times your doing this after work or on the weekend.
 Step One - strip your laces and tongue protectors if your boots have them. 
Step Two - Take your brush and remove any dirt or rocks from the soles. I carved my brush down to a   point to aid in easy debris removal. Then take the top part of the sock and wipe down your boots. If your boots are a complete mess then get a damp rag and wipe them down.
Step Three - Open your preservative, put the sock on your hand and get applying. Coat your boots with a reasonable amount of preservative, you don't need gobs of it. Make sure to pay attention to stitched areas. Apply it to your tongue protectors. I also like to run my laces through. 
Step Four - Re-lace and set overnight to dry. I like to set mine on my pete boot dryer, which is also a must have for anyone who abuses their boots and or likes a nice warm and dry boot in the morning.
I recommend cleaning your boots once every week or so depending on how dirty or wet they get. 
Step 5 - Finish what's left of your beer.

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