Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend after a great week

Well it was a great week being back working. Now that everything is settled it was time to kickback and enjoy the weekend. Obviously enjoyed some playoff hockey, raked some leaves, basically hung out around the house and went for a short drive on Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the shots...
 Down the road
Chenal de la Culbute 
No need for a mower
230 Timberjack
 Older Cat with a can opener on the fairlead.
 First bbq of the year 
This greasy guy smelled the burgers and stopped by.
 On the bridge to Chapeau. 

1 comment:

Chris Adamiak said...

What's up Brother! Glad to see your getting settled and all is well. Do me a favor, steal me that Clydesdale. I need a new ride, and I think I would look stellar on him, we will probably pull stuff, and break through barns and things......



P.S. if you could have him here tomorrow that would be great. I will be waiting out front.