Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bug Season

Being back in the bush after the weekend, I have really noticed that the black flies are starting to bite. 
I can`t say I am a fan or would ever be caught wearing a bug net or anything like that just for the fact I don`t think they are great for working outdoors and are rather dorky.
After talking with people that have worked in the bush and have enjoyed the outdoors for years, I turned to Watkins Insect Repellent Lotion. I have now been using Watkins for the last couple years now and compared to other products I have used, it blows everything out of the water. It has a limited smell, doesn't burn your skin and isn't greasy.

I picked up the 100mL and 45mL container with carabiner for around 15 bucks last year. 
Basically if you are looking to keep the bugs off you, I highly recommend you give Watkins a try.

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Chris Adamiak said...

This stuff is the best man! Great story..My Wife, sister, and I were backpacking in Algonquin for a week, and my sister was using the "natural" citronella repellent. HA, constantly re-applying by then of day 2 she was eaten alive and ditched it for the Watkins we were using. Best repellent out there, although I do have a couple bottles of Muskol from the 80's that are 95% deet. My special stash!