Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Duluth Pack - Standard Daypack

A few months ago, I noticed that Duluth Pack was a holding a contest on their Facebook page where you had to name a taxidermied bear that they have on display at their store in Duluth, MN. The person with the most likes on their name suggestion (my suggestion was Hudson) after a period of time set by them won a $100 gift card. After bothering and striking up conversations with people I haven't talked to in years and rallying my friends to like my name suggestion, I took the victory with 54 likes. A few days later I had my $100 gift card. I have always wanted a Duluth Pack but for what ever reason never pulled the trigger on a purchase. I knew I wanted something that was plain, simple and the right size to lug around the stuff I need on a daily basis for work. I decided to go with the Large Standard Daypack in Navy. I couldn't be more happy with the bag.

  • Dimensions: 18H x 14W x 5D + pocket
  • Capacity: 1,260 cubic inches + pocket

Construction: 18 oz canvas, double canvas bottom, zippered main compartment, zippered front pocket, cotton webbing shoulder straps, slip pockets inside front pocket

Duluth Pack has a strong history and reputation for making some of the toughest bags out there.  I definitely recommend if your looking for a rugged, tough and hand constructed pack that is backed by a lifetime guarantee, you should give Duluth Pack your business. 
PS. If you are sending a bag or purchase as a gift - Duluth throws in a great looking card with your desired message, hand written to the recipient. Just a little added touch that I thought was pretty cool.

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james at 10engines said...

well played. + history lessons looking great as usual. j