Monday, August 20, 2012

2 weeks until Thunder Bay

In the spirit of spending the last couple weekends that me and Nicole have together before she moves to Thunder Bay, we spent the weekend the way any great weekend should be spent, going for a cruise. 

Saturday was a great day we hit a few garage sales, found an old McCulloch saw (more on that this week), obviously had a poutine at the Jolly Fryer and finished off the day lounging around the house. 

Great barn in Waltham 
Scraper down the road 
Wouldnt keep his eyes off me

Sunday we packed a lunch and headed up highway 17. We pulled into Deep River to go for a walk and sit down to enjoy our lunch, however mother nature had another plans. Shortly after getting out of the truck the skies opened up. It hailed and rained hard for a good 10 minutes while we took shelter under a couple smaller trees. It let up just enough for us to get back to the truck before unleashing again. Soaking wet we took off to Rolphton where in the distance looked to be sunny. We crossed the river into Swisha and enjoyed our lunch on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. Swisha (Rapides Des Joachims) its a great quiet little town with a  strong history dating back to the fur trade and also has a huge logging influence. If you are into everything outdoors I would look it up. 
All and all we had a great weekend.

and the skies opened up...
Waste burner at the Common-Wealth mill in Swisha(Rapides Des Joachims), Qc
What every boat launch and portage needs - a fry truck. 
Had to sample a fry
``An uparralled vista looking down the ottawa river`` is where we enjoyed our lunch
Figured id wash the truck - seconds after I was finished... yeah it poured