Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Photo of The Day

Loggers making music in camp - Somewhere near Gatineau Quebec 1946


randall said...

Come all ye jolly lumbermen, and listen to my song,
But do not get discouraged, the length it is not long,
Concerning of some lumbermen, who did agree to go
To spend one pleasant winter up in Canada I O.

...(series of unfortunate events)

But now our lumbering is over and we are returning home,
To greet our wives and sweethearts and never more to roam,
To greet our friends and neighbors;
we'll tell them not to go
To that foresaken god damned place called Canada I-O.

Brian Marshall said...

Good Stuff Randall

randall said...

Thanks, man. It's an old folk song I picked up a few years ago. There's tons of variants, but one of my favorites is about these guys who go to the plains to kill buffalo and are promised good wages by the foreman. When the time comes for payday the Foreman doesn't pay them what was promised so they kill him and leave his bones to bleach on the plains.