Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Persian

It has been somewhat overwhelming being in Thunder Bay for the first time this week. After being on the road for 19 hours straight, unpacking and just figuring everything there is to figure out in a new location, it was time to taste a local must have. "A Persian, what the hell is a Persian?" I asked Nicole after she mentioned we had to try one. So here is what little info I found about a Persian -

 ''Persian is an oval-shaped, cinnamon-bun-like sweet roll with a sweet, pink icing made of either raspberries or strawberries. It originated in and remains particular to the city of Thunder BayOntarioCanada. Persians are also well known in Wisconsin. The variety found there typically has white icing and toppings such as crushed peanuts or coconut.''

It is said to have been created by Art Bennett the founder of Bennett's Bakery and the Persian Man sometime in the early 20th century and was named after a friend visiting from Persia.

 The Persian in all its glory. I am sure I will be enjoying a few more of these during my time in Thunder Bay and if you get the chance don't hesitate to try one. 


randall said...

A flute without holes is not a flute...a donut without a hole is a danish.

Brian Marshall said...

what do you call the hole of a donut?