Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wax Days - Filson Double Tin Bibs

Given the choice to stay in the office or head out into the field knowing it was going to rain steadily all day was an easy decision. A day in the rain was welcomed as I had not yet worn my new Filson Double Tin Bibs. 
  I had wanted these bibs since the first time I laid my eyes on them, but I had always just worn what was provided to me at work or what I could get at local stores for cheap. After shredding through my last pair of Viking rain pants and dealing with duct tape fixes every time I had them on, it was time to spend the money on something I know will last. Working in forestry, your clothing really takes a beating every day. Going through constant blackberry and raspberry bushes, through slash piles, limbs, tops and more, add rain and snow in there and you've got a whole other situation. Filson's Cotton Oil Finish Tin Cloth is timeless and has been used and proven in the harshest conditions ol' mother nature can dish out... this is why I bought them. 
One of the main things I was looking for, was something I could wear alone or over pants. These fit comfortably over my work pants and didn't sweat me out like other rain gear has in the past. This picture is just after I got to the block and had slipped them on for their first outing. Missing from this photo is my Filson All Season Raincoat that I forgot at home and is in need of a waxing.
When I pulled these out of the box, one of the first things I looked at was the suspender construction of these bibs. Just look at the craftsmanship of the bridal leather, brass hardware and beefy cotton straps.
The chest features a decent size flap and snap pocket with 3 slots that are good for pencils or anything else you choose to stuff in them.
Heavy duty riveted button fly and gusset.
Side cargo pockets with snap closures definitely come in handy.
Deep back pockets with a simple flap closure for quick retrieval of whatever you keep back there
The rain didn't stop. Even though my paper work from the day was soaked to the core, the bibs kept me drier then any other rain pants or bibs I have worn. Come cooler weather, rain or snow, I am certain that I will be wearing these daily. I have worn and trusted Filson products for a number of years now and like every Filson purchase I make, I am always more than satisfied with the level of timeless craftsmanship and simply, the quality of their clothing. With Filson you really feel like your are getting what you pay for and you know they back their products. 

"Might as well have the best"


Chris Adamiak said...

Bloody nice man. Those are so nice.

Cool weather only though eh? I would love to wear my Tin Cruiser more, but I gets me a mean case of the sweats in milder weather unless it pouring, then who cares.

Bruce said...

Brian, I know the beating that clothes take when working forestry; walking through a regenerating 2 year old clear cut block in a pouring rain in Maine really will make you appreciate a good set of rain gear.

Do these waxed cotton bibs really keep you dry? I've been trying a load of different rain gear and I ALWAYS get wet no matter what. I've never tried the double waxed cotton, but I'd imagine swimming through head high rubus and poplar in a soaking rain will get you wet no matter what you're wearing. If these waxed bibs are the miracle, please let me know.


Brian Marshall said...

Chris if I am feeling tough come 30 plus degree weather Ill wear them in my skivvies ahaha but for now they are perfect no matter what the weather is doing with a pair of long-johns underneath.

Brian Marshall said...

Bruce - Like I said, they kept me drier then any other pants or bibs I have worn in the past. In the right down pour, I don't think there is anything that is going to keep you 100% dry. When I had them on on Friday, it rained steady all day. I was doing a year 10 regeneration assessment on a block that hadn't seen tending since 2009, so I know where your coming from. I honestly didn't feel damp until about 4 hours in and unlike the other stuff out there I wasn't soaking myself in sweat before the rain could actually penetrate through. I was so fed up for awhile with rain gear options and decided it was time to finally give a pair of tins a try - If you talk to loggers and other people in forestry, it seems to be the toughest option that will keep you as dry as possible in the conditions we work in.

Chris Adamiak said...

mmmmm skivvies and non breathable pants....Funny I was recently in this debate with myself.. I leave for The French river Sunday, for a weeks paddle. Calling for defiantly a couple days of rain. Now I own two pieces of rain gear, a Patagonia "goretex" or My Tin Cruiser. The thing about them both is One Gortex is not waterproof, and after two days of rain I can guaranty its going to be wet, with no chance to dry it out completely (which it need to restore its water resistant) . They really should label waterproof/ breathable as "sorta water resistant, if you treat it with some sort of water resistant crap". You know its good for a hour or so in heavy rain. The tin Cruiser I believe would last WAY longer, allow me to layer some wool shirts underneath, BUT I figure the cruiser is good if you have somewhere to dry out at the end of the day, as it could get water logged, in heavy crease areas (elbows, shoulder, etc) I would prefer it, over gortex for sure. So whats a guy to do, well I went out Marks and picked up a Viking Journeyman rain coat, Decent rubber rain coat for $30, 100% waterproof, I have no doubt it would probably destroy walking on a hike, getting snagged and all, but for paddling and for hanging out at camp, I know I will be dry and I can just wipe out the sweat or water that does seep through. I remember reading an article from UK that says that waterproof/breathables were not popular over there, They prefer 100% waterproof, with moisture management fleece or wool underneath. Makes scene, and I feel Tin cloth is perfect for this ideology...Wow what a novel...

Jake Martine said...

Sorry for the late post... LOVE those bibs man. And thanks for the great photos to go along with them. My Carhartts (over sewn a million layers) with chaps are not cutting it. These are too well made not to get a pair. Heck, even if I get wet in them, they still look good...

Brian Marshall said...

Thanks Jake - You can't go wrong with these bibs or Filson in general from my experiences. Their products are worth every cent!