Monday, November 5, 2012


I apologize for the lack of excitement around here the last little while I had been gearing up for yet another move. I finished my contract with the forestry company I was working with in Pembroke on Friday and have landed almost 1400 km North-West to be with Nicole in Thunder bay, Ontario. Life lately seems to be one big adventure of living from place to place 6 months at a time. It becomes very clear what actually matters to you when you have moved 3 times in a year. Here are just a few pictures from the last couple weeks before moving yet again. 
Marked yellow to go
Buncher cutting trails

This final removal will look a lot different in a week or two, and wont see much action for at least 65 years.
Gotta love logging
Love these old orange beasts - Timberjack 230
Jack Pine Salvage operation 
Wish I new more about clouds.
Got out for my last paddle 
One from the road - Quick stop in Kapuskasing to make sure the tarps were still hanging in there.

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