Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Surroundings

First off if you havent noticed is now
So it didn't take long to settle into the new surroundings here in Thunder Bay. The City plays host to a variety of major industry encompassed by some of the best wilderness in the country. Below is a quick glimpse around the new neighbourhood.
Thunder Bay is the largest grain port in North America. This being one of eight operational grain terminals on the banks of the mighty Lake Superior. Something about the size of these facilities and the history behind the industry really draws me in. This one I believe was originally owned by UGG (United Grain Growers) who after several mergers is now run by Viterra who operates three of the terminals.
Line-up of grain rail cars at another Viterra terminal - The tracks here unlike many places in Ontario are constantly busy with train traffic. 
The forestry industry has a major influence on the area - I hope to show you a better look into the forestry practises in the Boreal in the months to come. Just a quick shot I took of some of the equipment at the John Deere/Nortrax dealer around the corner from my place. 
One of many buildings at the Great West Timber Facility that ceased operations in 2007. 
Old Tanguay delimber and a few old skidders out back at Maki Diesel repair.
A lot of great signage around 

Its cold weather meal making time - Made this stew last week.

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