Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) is attempting to return balance to the discussion regarding sustainable forestry in Ontario. NOMA is launching a “REAL tree-hugger” campaign that will remind Provincial leaders that legislation and regulation must balance all three pillars of sustainability. The campaign will also highlight the many faces of the forest industry through stories of individuals whose lives and livelihood are dependent on sustainable forestry."
The REAL story on forestry in Ontario
• Less than one half of one percent of Ontario’s forests are harvested each year.
• With 134 million hectares (300 million acres) of certified forest, Canada has the largest area of independently certified and internationally recognized (CSA, SFI, FSC) forest in the world.
• Approximately 80% of Ontario Crown lands managed for forest operations in Ontario are certified to independent, internationally recognized certification systems (CSA, FSC, SFI).
• Ontario forest practices are governed by a world-class, platinum standard regulatory framework that includes the protection of species at risk and their habitat.
• Ontario’s forestry sector regenerates the trees that it harvests. Over a span of just five years, forestry companies in Ontario planted over HALF A BILLION (656,770,000) trees. That’s an average of 131 million trees a year
• Ontario’s forestry sector employs over 200,000 hard working Ontarians in over 260 communities.

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