Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Warmer

With a lot of uncertainties for what spring will bring, I have been happy enjoying what's  left of winter. 
Amongst the Red Pine trials.
Ripe Jack Pine cone. Jack pine cones are serotinous and require heat over 50 degrees celcious to open.
Enjoying winter as it winds down.
Picture perfect!
White Spruce cone that likely provided a snack for a Crossbill.
Been seeing a lot of eagles lately.
Finally took some time to re-wax.


randall said...

Nice pictures. I absolutely love the change of seasons; which is an appreciation I seemed to have developed more pointedly since I've gotten older.
How do Jack Pines reproduce if it takes temps of 50 degrees for their cones to open?

Brian Marshall said...

Jack Pine is a Pioneer species that naturally regenerates after a fire. It is also commonly seeded by air. I also love the change in seasons. What do you do for a living Randall, seems like you have a real passion for the outdoors.

randall said...

I'm actually a criminal lawyer, but while in college at the University of Vermont, I dabbled in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies before settling on English and Cultural Geography for my majors. I couldn't get my head around the science involved in Natural Resources otherwise I probably would have stuck with that. Actually, these days, I'm kind of wishing I did.