Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What it looks like on the ground

Itching to get back working while out for a drive a week or so back, I finally stumbled upon a forest access road. With little time that day I was only able to go a few clicks up Boreal Rd. just outside of Kakabeka Falls before deciding it was best to get heading home. After getting home I jumped on Goggle Earth to do a little exploring. After retracing where I had driven I locked in on the log yard/ chipping operation above (notice the truck and the grader on the road to the right). That Sunday we took off in the truck to check it out. Bellow is what it looked like on the ground. 
Spring is here and things are softening up.
Parked for the weekend 
Piles of pulpwood waiting to be chipped.
Cat 229 Log Loader 
Pecker Poles 
As big as the Poplar gets around here..
 Was excited to see these load aligners - Trucks carrying 8ft crosswise pulp wood, back through these to "align" their load.


randall said...

Cool to see how a tree processing factory operates. I could imagine that you wouldn't want an off balance truck carrying tons of wood cruising down your road and that is such a basic concept for balancing them.

Brian Marshall said...

Yeah the load aligners are cool, was my first time seeing them in person. Back in Eastern Ontario they don't haul pulpwood like that.