Monday, July 29, 2013

Searching for a Sea of Blue

With my last totally free weekend before I head back to school, yeah that's right school... 
Starting Tuesday I will be heading off to university to further my education in forestry. 
With that said, I spent my last study free Saturday looking for blueberries. 
Never hurts to have bear spray with you, especially when your a good ways from a main road. 
You can bet that as much as you're looking for natures blue bounty, there will be a bear or two also looking. 
Honestly I don't even know if this can of spray would do anything, have had it in my cruising vest for some time now.
 I guess the comfort is in knowing that I have never used it. 
It's probably still a bit early as you can tell by the bush above, however it's never a bad idea to scope out an area.
The good thing about blueberries is you can generally find them anywhere. 
I find myself sticking to dryer sandy sites with evident rock outcropping. 
Older clear cuts often offer great opportunities to fill your pails.
Within a few minutes.
Once you find them its hard to stop picking. With the rain picking up, I opted to head back to the truck.
Spot marked for my return...
Berries put to good use...


The Desert Echo said...

Oh wow great photos and so jealous about blueberries growing wild where you live. No wild blueberries in Australia just salt bush :S

Brian Marshall said...

Thanks! Blueberry picking is pretty great... hurts the back but its worth it. Salt bush eh... Are the berries edible?