Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Take a Break

I can't say I am some huge hunter by any means. Hunting gets me outside when I need a reason. Yesterday was one of those days where I likely could have been doing something more productive but I figured I could use the inspiration of a stroll in the bush.I headed to the nearest forest road in hopes of spotting some fresh hare tracks as it had snowed the night before. 
After almost burying my truck on the not so plowed road, I parked it and took a walk. 
Could use a repair or two... Does the trick tho.
Looking back at the truck.

Back at the truck, having a quick sit down after a tromp in the snow.
I came up empty handed but Im sure I will need another excuse soon. 


Vanessa said...

Nice pictures! Wish we had some snow down in Pennsylvania! Hope you get something next time

Brian Marshall said...

Thanks Vanessa! No snow in PA eh? We don't have near as much as we should.