Matchstick Lake

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Canadian Made Comfort is Hides in Hand

In December of 2011 I made a post on a stop I made at Hides in Hand in Rockwood, Ontario where I picked up a couple pairs of moccasins along with a pair of mitts from their factory store. With nearly 5 years of daily wear, I had been itching for a new pair. With new moccasins on my mind, last week on my way home from work I stopped in at the Beaver Post (a small store along HWY 17 near Upsala, ON) knowing they carried Hides in Hand. Within 20 mins I was in and out with a new pair for my lovely lady and I. 
 The old buffalo hide pair that has lived on my feet since December 2011.

The new ones...
 Made with 100% Canadian tanned and hunted moose hides from one of 
Ontario's last remaining tanneries which happens to be right down the road. 
 Cut, sewn and manufactured in their small family owned factory in Rockwood, Ontario.

As proven here, Hides in Hand makes products that are worth every Loonie. 
If you don't already own a pair, do your feet a favour and invest in a pair of their moccasins.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Weekend in April

I noticed a couple days ago that my last post on here was almost a year ago. It's crazy how you forget about things that were once so important to you. So for the individuals who still stop by here every now and again, here is a post on my weekend excitement. 

Typical Saturday pose.
Always willing to try a new boot. 
Trespassing at Port Arthur Lumber and Planing Mill to get a quick shot.
Sorry for trespassing but I couldn't resist. 
Oh thats where the Mercury dealer went.
Good looking GM, last plated in 58.
Some cow catcher on this cabover Freightliner! Cow moose that is...
One of the many Great West Timber skeletons. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

West Coast Aerial Footage

Here is some great aerial drone footage from a Mountain Forestry harvesting operation near Sayward B.C.